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Exactly exactly exactly How numerous Dominants Are Out There?

Of the 435 self-identified tops on our study, just 115 identify as kinky, and just 87% of the (92 individuals total) as dominants. Meanwhile, of our 525 bottoms, 190 identify as kinky, and 172 as subs — meaning that subs outnumber doms 2:1. 3.4% of kinky tops identify as submissives, 8% as switches and 2.24% as “none for the above” or “not sure. ”

DOMS / SUBS / SWITCHING: 16.2per cent Dominant, 35% Submissive, 41% Switches, 4.9% none of this above, 2.9% I’m Not Sure

Therefore, may be the so-called Dom Shortage genuine? Based on Carolyn: “On one hand, speaking about a ‘Dom shortage’ suggests a kind of commodification of Doms that turns topics into items; results in objectification; and belies the truth that among folks of any sex it is challenging to locate someone who is an experienced and respectful counterpart to whatever sex or play you’re wanting to have, that is great at interacting, whose relationship orientation matches up you also find hot intellectually and emotionally and sexually in both immediate and deeper ways with yours, and who. As well as on one other hand, completely. ”

Since we’re here anyhow, i’m prompted by an increased queer capacity to also observe that ideas like “dom shortage” and “top shortage” (which are generally exhaled in identical breathing as issues more than a alleged “butch shortage, ”) develop a paradigm of scarcity that may effortlessly influence those looking for tops or doms to feel a particular standard of desperation or ambient cultural anxiety leading anyone to hold onto their top for dear life, against all odds, even if the chances are immense. Continue lendo