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Faith-Based Speaker Spews Sexist Dating Guidelines at Texas Senior High School

In reaction to budget that is severe to training and enormous stress to execute well on standard tests, one Dallas-area college is ponying up money to be sure pupils understand the basics: Simple tips to be “dateable. ”

On Wednesday early early morning, Richardson twelfth grade students had been afflicted by a construction featuring speaker that is faith-based man Fieri lookalike Justin Lookadoo.

Lookadoo taught the learning students that “dateable girls understand how to shut up” and “Men of Jesus are crazy, maybe maybe maybe not domesticated. ”

Fortunately, Richardson senior high school and Justin Lookadoo both overestimated these high schoolers’ willingness to quietly consent to those unpleasant, damaging sex stereotypes. Through the installation, most of them took to Twitter to call him away making use of the hashtag #lookadouche.

Read more about Richardson senior school’s skeevy, misogynistic presenter following the jump. Justin Lookadoo authored the guide Dateable: are you currently? Continue lendo