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Billionaires’ motorist informs all on intercourse events, affairs, threesomes

Paul Wheeler has lifted the lid regarding the realm of the super that is rich including entrepreneurs, oligarchs, footballers and superstars in their guide Butler on tires

  • 09:45, 24 NOV 2019

A billionaires’ chauffeur has spilled the beans on intercourse events, affairs and shoulders that are rubbing the super-rich.

Paul Wheeler has lifted the lid regarding the realm of money – which businessmen that are including oligarchs, footballers and superstars.

The motorist – writing under a pseudonym – has revealed the strange world of being the driver-to-stars as he’s likely to behave as their own private “butler on wheels”.

He reveals the extraordinary encounters from their consumers’ affairs, the crazy events with alcohol and drugs, shopping sprees and maintaining their secrets.

Within the guide – en titled appropriately Butler on Wheels – he writes: “Each time is significantly diffent, plus some of these are exciting, since the chauffeur never ever understands the way the customer will spice up the day’s tasks. ”

He describes if you should be happy it will champagnes events, as well as worst you can wind up beaten up by the very own boss and shrugged down having a ?10k tip. Continue lendo