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Ask Rene: What Things To Do About My Daughter And Her Deadbeat Boyfriend?

My child should be 20 in four weeks. Her dad and I also divorced in regards to a 12 months and half ago, my choice. I will be currently remarried up to an excellent guy and relocated 1000 miles far from my ex. A job and was engaged at the time, my daughter had an apartment. Well, that relationship ended because they worked in the same town, she quit her job without having another one lined up after he hit her and. She never ever seemed for a different one along with her boyfriend that is current moved. Needless to state, they quickly went away from cash.

Long story short here, her dad, my ex is identified being a narcissist that is somatic. Six times prior to the rent finished, her apartment building caught fire and burned down seriously to the floor. Dad will never help her at all; he could be too busy with girlfriend so me personally, the mom that is loving up my house to my child.

Well, the boyfriend had been the main deal. They were told by me both they might really need to get jobs, ASAP. It’s been a thirty days and a half with no jobs. The boyfriend is a loser that is total no driver’s permit, as he owes over five thousand bucks in fines.

But beyond this just how can we get her to see this woman is being a loser like him? We have had speaks along with her but have always been getting nowhere. I will be additionally caring for her two kitties; yesterday evening I happened to be informed because of the boyfriend that the only cat is their in which he demanded I stop calling the kitties by their nicknames (terms of endearment) and demanded We call the cat by their genuine title all while he could be sitting here filling my food to his face. Continue lendo