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Early literary works on intimate minorities primarily analyzed homosexual, mostly Caucasian,

Tyson R. Reuter, Sarah W. Whitton, in Adolescent Dating Violence , 2018 Differences in DV Among Subgroups of LGBT Youth

It is important to consider the significant heterogeneity that exists within sexual and gender minorities as we seek to understand DV in LGBT youth. Early literary works on sexual minorities primarily analyzed homosexual, mostly Caucasian, males and numerous studies collapse the many intersections of intimate, sex, and racial identities into oneLGBT category. But, studies comparing minority intimate orientations to one another suggest essential distinctions, which frequently declare that bisexuals face greater challenges than do homosexual and lesbian people. As an example, in comparison to gay/lesbian people, people who identify as bisexual have a tendency to report greater prices of psychological state dilemmas, including anxiety and despair ( Jorm, Korten, Rodgers, Jacomb free sex cam, & Christensen, 2002 ) and self harmful habits ( Whitlock, Eckenrode, & Silverman, 2006 ). Regarding DV, some studies suggest that bisexual grownups, specially females, experience real and intimate DV more frequently than homosexual or lesbian adults ( Walters et al., 2013 ). Among youth, there is certainly proof to claim that bisexuality raises danger for certain kinds of DV, though findings are not necessarily constant. Bisexual college students demonstrate greater prices of every IPV victimization than their homosexual and lesbian counterparts ( Blosnich & Bosarte, 2012 ). Continue lendo