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Whoa!…. Hold. The. Fùck. Up

Did that just state PRO on line Dating Profile Writing Service?

You dГ mn skippy it did.

You prefer ladies? Needless to say you are doing. Why the fГ№ck else can you be right here. Well, keep in mind that game you played straight straight right back into the called Truth or Dare day?

Psshh – Who the hell does not

How may you forget your standard dare for that cutie!: “I dare you toooooooooo………. Just take your bra down.”

Shìt – Who the fùck cares. You had been only 15 and she had been a cutie.

Let’s perform truth or dare, however in businessy kinda way that is to-tha-point. (with no F-Bombs this time cause my cousin has tomorrow that is church

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