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How come ladies over 50 endure online dating sites? Men lie about what their age is and all want younger ladies

Charlotte Metcalf takes an amusing glance at why a lot of online dates end in dissatisfaction for females, and concludes that the whole lot is a mug’s game…

“I’ve got a confession, ” he said. “I lied to my profile. I’m maybe not really 65. ” He leant ahead conspiratorially: “I’m 71. ”

‘Well, you appear great upon it, ” stated my pal, Ella.

He beamed, gratified.

“And I have to confessed she said that I also lied.

Their face darkened. “You suggest you’re over 50? ”

“But you had been 48 in your profile that is online.

“Well, both of us lied, ” stated Ella as she laughed and raised her cup.

He frowned and called when it comes to bill. “I’m afraid this is certainlyn’t likely to work. In all honesty, we don’t feel there’s actually any chemistry between us. ”

Male dreams of more youthful females

Since that date, Ella, who organises singles’ beverages events for a full time income, has concerned about confessing into the evidently insurmountable peak that is mental of over 50. One friend of mine won’t venture out to a celebration beside me if she believes i may tell somebody just how old we have been. Continue lendo