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Browse, The – by Anon – This story doesn’t have a specially pleased closing

Exactly just What took place right right here fundamentally caused a mom to disavow the affections of her child. The tragedy can take place become small at first glance, nevertheless the longterm implications are possibly damaging. We try not to dwell in the negative, nevertheless, nor is this a morality play; the objective of this tale is otherwise. (FF, dom, inc, enema)

Site site Visitors – “Neglected Duties” – by Scatwoman – it is an easy story about a Mistress and her servant who gets penalized for perhaps maybe maybe not cleansing the restroom. (FFf, reluc, ws, scat)

Stop by at a doctor, The – by Pam Bennett – Pam takes her daughter, Wendy towards the medical practitioner for a check-up. The doctor, a lesbian, examines Wendy thoroughly. The session ends because of the nursing assistant love that is making Wendy while Pam therefore the medical practitioner view. (ff-teens, exh, inc, medical practitioner)

Wagga Wagga – by Alessia Gerini – once I had been 17 my moms and dads and I also had been traveling around Australia towing a caravan (mobile home). We had stopped for a couple of days in Wagga Wagga. Wagga Wagga is huge number of kilometers from your home and it is Australia’s largest inland city but it just then had a maximum of 50,000 individuals. I happened to be asked and bored my people if i really could get into city to see a film. They stated, “Yes. ” I could see so I went off into town to see what. (Ffdom/Ff, rom, dental, orgy)

Waitress – by Chrissy – Cindy seeks employment as being a waitress, but quickly discovers that to help make any money that is real has to “loosen up” a little. (FF, exh, dental, work)

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