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Tristan and Kita came across many years ago on FurryMate, a furry site that is dating.

They started chatting on line, hanging call at the exact same chatrooms, after which finally, Tristan drove from Pennsylvania to Florida to fulfill Kita. Now the 2 reside in the Orlando area.

Tristan is with in their belated twenties and works them work in IT in IT— there’s a joke in the community that “furries make the internets run, ” because so many of. He stated he is defined as a furry since he had been 13 approximately.

“We was raised with animated cartoons, pets which could talk, such things as that, also it had been one of those ideas for which you began planning to emulate that, ” Tristan said. “It simply solidified a lot more of whom I happened to be. “

Kita, who is in her very early twenties, stated her present fursona was initially based off a passion for the movie Balto that is animated.

“I happened to be probably round the chronilogical age of 4, ” Kita stated. “We was raised with Disney and virtually every solitary Disney film is a speaking animal and it absolutely was the same as, ‘Oh my goodness, just what would we share with have big fluffy ears and possess paws and have now a tail. ‘”

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