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Alfie (1966) For East End boy that is wide Elkins (Michael Caine), a female is a commodity.

Director Lewis Gilbert

A jack of all of the trades, he’ll decide to try for the event with whoever steps to the course of their current employment, be it street photography or chauffeuring. Maybe maybe Not until he matches an adult, well-heeled United states (Shelley Winters) does Alfie get yourself a style of his or her own medicine.

Alfie’s cocksure narration to digital digital camera invests the smoothness with a charm that is certain even while he’s ’orribly chauvinist. As when he’s dabbling with Sheffield woman Annie (Jane Asher) – whoever crying after intercourse sets him thinking, as you are. After he wheedles an apology from her: “Alfie, I believed to myself, she’s as human”

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