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This might be a good nation filled with good individuals but what effective is ‘good’ in times like these?

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That Handsome Devil

Individuals often ask me
“Godforbid” they say
“You’re quite the ladies guy
What’s your key? “

You too could be swimmin’ in women
Afloat in seas of ovaries
But more importantly
Knowing whether behind those pretty eyes
You have diamond into the rough
Or colored lenses and a rough stripper called Diamond

Lets recreate the scene make think you’re at a dining table seat
Talking playfully into the waitress at your neighborhood destination to eat
Way underneath the apron, Maybeline
Smell of eggs and cheese, bacon grease
She’s a babe, and 8 at least
You would you like to push the full bowl of quesadillas of this dining dining table and spread them angel’s wings
But you cannot state a thing?
If you don’t prosper with women
They sell prescribed drugs on television
May cause lack of appetite
Malnutrition, dizzy spells
And various bells were ringing
And that is where I are available and provide ’em just a little additional help get ’em

(You can not get)
The truth is self- confidence is paramount to any situation
(inside her jeans)
We all have actually insecurities
So have you thought to grow your self- self- self- confidence in the insecurities of others
(However you do not)
Hey, she is going to <> somebody
(Give a damn)
so just why not your

The drunker you are
The easier it really is getting laid
But the harder it is always to <>
you may need to visualize exactly what it really is this months
Whoever you have been think of
The girl during the Pizza Hut
Midgets, coque iphone x marbre b3567 nuns
What ever little neglect it was
And with some time and effort, just a little luck
If you occur to offer enough
Maybe you will get it

Now an is meant become fun
Instant satisfaction, coque iphone 6 carte bancaire b2911 a roller coaster
But no body would like to get stuck over and over
Going house to your roller coaster
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